Friday, November 19, 2010


How are you doing?
Is everything alright?
Are you doing okay?

I wish I had a sign that I could put over my head that constantly updated my current mood in order to cut down on the idle chitchat of everyday. Most of the time these questions are more than uncomfortable, and I have to lie:

I’m fine, really.
I’m okay.
I’m doing good.

For people who are really concerned, the question doesn’t chafe as much. I can be honest with them. They’ll listen to me. But for people who don’t really care… I wish they would stop being polite and just walk by me without so much as a glance. I don’t care about you enough to tell you the truth about how am, and you don’t care enough to hear it. Let’s just ignore each other until we’re forced into a situation where we have to interact. Until then, good day.


Anonymous said...

So true. For a long time I wanted to wear a shirt that said "Unless you REALLY want to know dont ask!!!"

I use to be someone that asked questions without thinking.. "How are you?" "Is that your first?" "Are you having more?" or statements like "I dont know how you made you have made it through." I had no idea the weight of a statement or question could carry...sadly, now I know.

Its hard to remember the freedom I use to feel everyday...freedom from others questions...strangers questions...friends questions.. families its just different.. :(

Leannehoovler said...

Awesome Blog posts- Keep it up Kevin. I have passed your name on for The Cherry on Top Blog AWARD. Check out my blog posts when you get some time.

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