Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Circles and Walls

I've been thinking a lot about grief and how to get through it. It's like being trapped inside a large maze inside our hearts and minds. We wander aimlessly upon our first entrance, and slowly we start to learn the turns and deadends. There're no guides or signs to lead us on our way, and every so often the proverbial minotaur rounds a corner and punches us in the stomach. 

This happens a lot before we figure out how to duck him.

Occasionally we meet friends along the way who point us in the right direction. Some walk with us, trying to find their own new self, and some have been to the center and back so many times that it's like walking a straight line. 

Slowly, with time and effort and perseverance, we learn just how to navigate our grief maze and find our way to the new person that we've become.

For me, I'm still trying to figure how to outrun that minotaur.


Casey said...

Beautifully written you guys.

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